Kayleigh R: I absolutely love having both my daughters at this Preschool. My daughters absolutely love going and talk about how much they love their teachers. My oldest daughter is constantly saying, “I want to be a teacher when I grow up just like my teachers!” I don’t have to worry at all when my girls are at school.
I have seen such an improvement in both of my daughters, especially my oldest. When we first started in the summer she didn’t know how to hold a pencil now she is tracing her first and last name!
As parents we are always up dated on our child’s progress, what they are doing and school and there are many activities outside of the school throughout the year. My children come home with worksheets to work on so I am able to see what they are doing.
What I like most about this preschool is the comfort of knowing that my children are safe and are in good hands. I know they are learning and socializing with other children. I am so happy my daughters are going here and I wouldn’t go with any other Montessori.

Zankhana V: My son has definitely come a long way from when he started with you when he was only 2 and half years old at the Irvine location. From being a non-talking, confused and unruly boy, he has transformed into a self confident, strong minded and a disciplined child. He started KG this fall and I really credit all the teachers at this Montessori who have worked with him and helped him along the way. I cannot thank you all enough for all the efforts you put in making the kids learning a great experience.

Maria Q: My daughter had the most wonderful experience at this preschool. I wished they had a Kindergarten program so my daughter could continue going there.
Unlike other montessoris in the area, my daughter really received personal attention. My daughter had developed from a shy non-talking 2.5 year old girl to a social, polite, and well articulated 5 year old girl. She learned to sing and dance, to read and write beyond her years at this preschool. I knew of a mother who pulled her daughter out because she felt at 3 years old her daughter should be having more Play time than writing name and worksheets. I ran into her one day in the community and she is now worried that at 5, her daughter can’t read even 3 letter words or write her full name. My daughter is already reading 5 or more letter words and is performing at a 6 year old level.
Thanks to this preschool for instilling in my daughter the passion to sing and dance. This preschool is not just about academics. It teaches students to socialize and be well rounded. I don’t know of any other school that would take the students to perform in the City Hall or to dance on stage at Global Village Festival. The director at this preschool did it all. She has the child’s best interest in mind.
I love their PE program. The students learn Yoga, tee ball, volleyball, soccer, golf just to name a few. At other Montessoris during outdoor play the preschoolers just played on the play structures or trike around. PE program only applies to Kindergarteners.
My daughter is one of the smartest and talented 5 year old in her TK class now at her current school. We owe her achievement to Ace staff and the director’s unwavering passion for teaching and for fostering positive behavior.

Devia P: My son recently joined this preschool and we are very impressed. Our biggest requirement was to select a school which can help my son to learn his basics which included academic foundation and social skills. The teachers and the management is dedicated towards providing the kids instructions, care, structure and support. My child joined mid term but quickly adjusted since the staff welcomed him from day one. He is learning phonics to graduate to reading and the teachers are really supportive. They take every possible opportunity to sit and work with him on phonics support. He gets worksheets on a daily basis which either showcase his class work or help him to catch up on his skills at home. The other kids in the class are friendly, when I pick him up they are often dancing on songs or participating in a circle activity. He is making friends and he loves his teachers! If you’re looking for a solid foundation academically and a place where the child is nurtured then this is the school for you.

Qi Y: We have our four-year old in this preschool. He becomes more outgoing and independent thanks to the help from the staff and teachers. There are plenty of field trips and events at this preschool, and my kids loves them including my 2 year old who is not enrolled but are welcomed in participating. My son come to enjoy very much his time on stage; and last Christmas, they performed at the tree lighting ceremony at the Irvine City Hall, and it was a great memorable day for the kids.

Neha K: My daughter has been going to this preschool for almost a year. She loves it. Besides offering great academics, they also put lots of efforts in extracurricular activities like training kids for group dance performances (twice/thrice a year), and hosting social events with parents (almost bimonthly).

Kelly K: I feel very fortunate that I found such a great preschool for my son. I did a lot of research before choosing this preschool. My son was young when he started (two years, 4 months old), so I wanted to feel perfectly comfortable leaving him in someone else’s care. He’s been going for a year now, and I love the variety of educational and social activities Ace Montessori offers. Our son really enjoys tracing his name, and I think it’s great that his teachers taught him how to properly hold a pencil. He takes great pride in his daily art projects that he brings home and hangs on the wall to show his daddy. And he loves singing along to his “school songs,” which are emailed to the parents each quarter. We love that he is happy, safe, and excited about learning new things.

Shveta R: Great Preschool and Great Teachers ,My son really loved going to school there. The teachers take a lot of effort for the kids and always made it interesting for my boy. Thanks.

Meenakshi S: Hi all, My girl who is 4 years old go to this preschool everyday in full day program. This is the best preschool i have ever seen. My daughter is very happy in the school and she is learning alot. The system of school is very organized. All the teachers in the school takes great care of the students and work with each student. If i compare my younger kid with the older one who is 6 years old I see the difference of sending to this Montessori. The team post everyday activity of my kid on facebook so that I can see some of the activities of my daughter that I missed due to my busy schedule.They have well planned celebration of each special day like Independence day / Valentines day/ Thanks giving day etc. By this way kids learn the reason for celebrating the special. Thank you Montessori team for working with my kid and other kids too.