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We are very happy that we have put our son in this Montessori environment which provides most positive & proactive learning methodology and our son thrived, excelled and was very happy being there. I would say his learning curve while being here was very good. He has improved a lot both socially and developmentally. I was very proud to say that he can write his name on his own at this early age. We are very greatful to have such nice and wonderful teachers for our son. They have been very kind and understanding at all times. We definitely recommend this preschool to others. We liked the preschool’s teaching methodology & the independent environment where kids are not set to limitations. I like the worksheet practices & craft activities. Every day he learned something new. Apart from the daily snaps they post, I would like them to post more videos. I would love to see them keep doing what they have been doing. I wish the preschool all the best. Thanks.

Nithin Loga - Nithin Loga Testimonial

My son started this preschool when he was more than 2 yrs old. Just before we started , he was diagnosed with speech delay. I mentioned this to his teachers there. They have really helped him come a long way in terms of his development and now he is a very fluent talker. Not to mention the way he has grown academically and socially. They worked patiently with him when he used to be frustrated and helped him communicate. Their program is really an around curriculum with alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, little bit of social science and free play. He loves his school and teachers and that is the biggest satisfaction a parent can get. I would really recommend this school to my friends and other parents.

Zankhana - Parent - Zankhana - Parent

I feel very fortunate that I found such a great preschool for my son. I did a lot of research before choosing this Montessori. My son was young when he started (two years, 4 months old), so I wanted to feel perfectly comfortable leaving him in someone else’s care. He’s been going for a year now, and I love the variety of educational and social activities this Montessori offers. Our son really enjoys tracing his name, and I think it’s great that his teachers taught him how to properly hold a pencil. He takes great pride in his daily art projects that he brings home and hangs on the wall to show his daddy. And he loves singing along to his “school songs,” which are emailed to the parents each quarter. We love that he is happy, safe, and excited about learning new things.

Kelly - Parent

Thanks to the teachers and the great program this school offers. My daughter loves it, something that I really like that everything is new; also they keep it so clean. They have so many books, toys and the playground is enormous. Tuition is lower than other schools around the area.

M Maldonado

This is a new Montessori school in lake forest. My daughter used to go to the other school of Dr. Seema, the owner of this preschool but recently she started going to this new location. This new school is big & beautiful with lots of indoor and outdoor space for kids to learn and play.Kids learn art work, Montessori jobs, worksheets etc.They have a lots of books for kids to read which my daughter loves and the prices are pretty reasonable too.

Deepti P